Thursday, November 15, 2007


Last night we talked about time. Being a 'dot within a dot within a dot within a dot' so to speak. How do we live a life worth living if we take into consideration that even the most important human beings to ever walk the earth were also just a 'dot'? Adam did an amazing job of getting a strong point across that we are invited into eternity! So what do we do with our life here on Earth? What is worth living for right now? "Right relationships". This takes the two most important commandments that Jesus Christ himself gave us! Those two commandments? Love the Lord your God with everything you have! and the second most important, Love your neighbor as you love yourself (or better yet, put your neighbors needs in front of your own). So are these commandments tough to keep? What does it look like to live out these commandments? what if we mess up? I am writing this blog to stir up a conversation amongst you guys so please, Ask questions. Give input. Leave a comment. Read what others have to say. DO SOMETHING!!!! haha.

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Lindsy said...

Sometimes I think that the Christian life is to be lived primitively. I wonder what God thinks of how we live our crazy, stressful, technological lives. I think I should sell my house, my clothes, my car, and just hit the streets with nothing but the clothes on my back and my Bible, and preach the GOOD NEWS. But... I dont think this is what Jesus wants from all of us. If we did that, what a change we would see in our world. But if EVERY Christian gave up all of their wordly posessions who would give money to the poor? Who would feed the homeless? Who would support missionaries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America? So before you get rid of everything, start working on these "right relationships" that Adam is talking about. Jesus says this STRAIGHT UP... the two most important things are: love God with all your heart, mind, strength, and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. That's it! So can I love God while also paying a mortgage. Of course. But how can I pay a mortgage while loving others better than myself???? Maybe I could let a TCM intern live in my basement...or donate money to the Families Unlimited Network to help someone in U.P. who can't pay rent. I dont know. What do you guys think? Is it possible to "Love God and Love Others" while still doing the stuff we love to do???