Monday, November 19, 2007

Thyme (the british form of Time)

I remember high school. I remember my schedule for my senior year....

1st period -Swimming
2nd period-Weight training
3rd Period-Historical perspectives through literature (fancy way of saying English)
4th -math

I was out of school by 11am every day. Did I go home and do my weight training homework? Practice swimming? No I went home and channel surfed and thought to myself "there is absolutly nothing on". I did this just about everyday. Sure, I had a Job. I even worked more then the average high schooler. Sure I had friends. Sure I went to concerts and church and this and that, but I always had time. I had all the time in the world. With all that being said, I find it hard to understand why High schoolers today are always saying "I'm too busy" or " I don't have any time". I know I'm old but I haven't been out of high school for too long.
Okay, if you are in high school you might be mad at me for saying I had nothing but time on my hands when I was your age (feel free to comment). I realize that today's high school student has more educational requirements put on them then I did, and I also know that High school coaches are more demanding then they need to be ( don't even get me started on school sports programs) but where is your time actually going? Are you busy with empty things? Are you busy with important things (more important then life?) ? Are you busy just so you can feel fulfilled? I have a feeling it might be the latter. I am not just talking to high schoolers now but to everyone. I feel like we fill our lives, our calenders, our minds with junk just so we can look back on a day and say " man I did so much today" and "I'm so busy". We say it like it's a bad thing but in our minds we are thinking "I'm awesome" and "nobody can accuse me of not doing enough" I am a victim of this myself. I could probably watch TV for 3 hours but if you asked me what I did today I would skip that part of my day and only tell you "oh I walked my dog, Helped an old lady cross the street, talked to that old lady for a while. Oh and I moved a few boxed for my neighbor and....." These things didn't make up more then 1 hour of my day! I spent 3 hours doing nothing!!! And who cares? Why do I feel I have to prove to to people that I actually do something everyday? Why is there this urge in me that tells me to answer "Busy" everytime someone asks how I'm doing? Isn't it more important to spend 15 minutes praying and and not doing anything the rest of the day then spending 20 hours reading, doing AP homework, listening to your I pod, going to soccer practice, Texting, Babysitting, myspacing, going to school, going to your friends house, and doing whatever else you do to fill your day? If somebody asked me what I did today wouldn't it be a way cooler response If I would honestly say " I spent 15 minutes praying and reading my bible this morning and it made everything else easier to deal with" whether 'everything else' is true business or self-induced business. It is more important to spend at least 15 minutes with God then anything else you could possibly do to fill your day. But this is just my opinion.....What's yours?

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