Wednesday, February 13, 2008

here today, france tomorrow

Well. not a lot of people can say they get to fly to paris on valentine's day! Lindsy and i are very blessed to have the oppurtunity to go back to france for 10 days and work at the camp we worked at last year. to say we are excited is in understatement and we are looking forward to see what God has been doing over there and what he will do at the camp next week!!! there are a few kids from our old youth group that will be there, one of which we met randomly in downtown and invited him to youth group just because he spoke english. Apparently he's been going to youth group ever since and is now going to be at the camp!!! Pray for him. I know he's had a rough childhood having a french mom and an american dad (he flies back and forth a lot).
in other news. Because of our entire day of flying, I am hoping to write a lot tomorrow. hopefully that goes awesome!!!!

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